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Feb 23, 2013 5:35am EST
the marketplace? how do you feel about the economy and the real estate marketplace today? >> i don't think there's a better time in history to buy property. right now is when i'm trying to buy as many as we can, because the profits are out there, and i don't see how you can lose. by following the road map that you put out there for us, like g.p.s., if you will, i don't see how you could fail. >> see, go out, take action, call the phone number at the bottom of your screen right now. come to the live event. it will be powerful, you will be our next testimonial, you'll be the next person. in six weeks, this man has done where he can profit up to $400,000... and he's already profited $133,000. call the phone number right now. seating is limited, i will take you by the hand, i will show you how to do it. we will give you the road map, the g.p.s.-- this is no b.s., all right, guys? i'm not here to blow smoke up your skirt, i'm here to show you how to become extremely wealthy, i'm a real real estate investor, i don't sit there with a suit and tie, i'm not a perfect person, but i will tell you this: if
Feb 21, 2013 5:35am EST
economy. >> those effects would be felt in this area disproportionately because we have so many military bases, contractors. it is what happens if it goes on and on or happens over and over again. >> we don't know? >> we don't know. it is the uncertainty that is making everybody so nervous. >> the house and senate are on recess until next week but with just over a week to go before $58 billion in automatic federal spending cuts begin, there is a call to reconvene the house immediately and find away to avoid the cuts. >>> we haven't seen much snow here as you know but in arizona, it put a stop to the first day of the match play championship. we'll take you there. >>> there could be a new pope sooner than expected. the changes that could be coming to the conclave next. >>> a check of the markets shows wall street dropped after news that the fed may stop its massive bond buying program. dow lost over 100. the nasdaq dropped over 49 points. japan's nikkei fell 159 points overnight. virtually all global markets are falling this morning following doubts by federal reserve policy makers that th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2